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What is scaling?


Just as you have to remove scales from does big fish you got from the market, scaling is a process of removing scales from skin or something.


If dental scaling is suggested it is done to help patients with gum disease and excessive plaque buildup. Which in turn ensures a standard cleaning of the surface of the tooth.


The process of dental scaling which is often done along with root planing the teeth is a treatment that helps clean bacteria from below the gum line and helps fresh gums grow on the base of your teeth.


here is what you should know about scaling-image
Male patient suffering during dental hygiene at dentist office – Bleeding teeth during tartar and plaque removal

Is Dental Scaling Necessary?


Well, not necessary but know for a fact that everyone experiences some form of bacteria buildup in the mouth. Which includes the saliva, acids, sugar, tiny particles, and proteins from the food. That form a thin layer that covers your teeth at almost all times. Creating a buildup on the teeth known as plaque. 


The bacteria that live in this plaque after being there for too long can cause gum disease and tooth decay. Brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings will help remove the plaque and prevent more serious problems.


You can go for a checkup and be recommended scaling and root planing if gum disease begins to form, causing you to have deeper pockets of the gum line and the worse is that it can lead to tooth decay and bad breath as symptoms.


If you have pockets of 4 millimeters or more, your dentist will probably recommend dental scaling to remove the plaque beneath the gum line and help treat the gum disease.


Are you thinking of scaling and polishing?


The truth is dental scaling can be uncomfortable, especially if you have sensitive gums. Your dentist may offer a local anesthetic to numb your gum tissue and make the procedure more comfortable.


Dental scaling may not be a one-time thing for you as it can take several visits, each one addressing a different portion of the mouth. Some dentists divide the mouth into four quadrants, while others will perform dental scaling in two halves.


After the medical care, What’s next?


Be ready to have your mouth feel sore and sensitive. After your dental scaling and root planing. While swelling or bleeding may be experienced. For some patients may experience swelling or bleeding for a few days following the procedure. 


An expert dentist should suggest a desensitizing toothpaste. To help ease this discomfort or you might get a prescription mouthwash to use after the procedure. As well, to help keep the gums clean.


Please follow all the brushing and flossing procedures strictly, and you don’t get the plagues coming again, with new friends I guess.




Your dentist should schedule a second visit after your dental scaling. To examine the gums, measure the depth of your gum pockets. And to also make sure your mouth is healing properly.


Don’t be scared, you need it to get healthy teeth and throw us a heart-melting smile.


Finally, we love our patients and love to help them form healthy dental life that will last them a lifetime. For more information check our services or visit DDH-Divine Dental Home at 8B Fabac Close, Off Ligali Ayorinde St, Victoria Island, Lagos, NIgeria


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