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Someone said; “you are addressed the way you dress”. A good dress sense is very good, but then what is the essence of your whole attire if you cannot be confident to speak in public. It is hilarious that some people have to hide in other to yarn, cough or even talk when in the public.

As much as your body can communicate in several ways, mouth to mouth communication goes a long way in reaching out to any audience. Thus, the importance of oral health cannot be overemphasized.

Oral diseases pose major health challenge for individuals that can turn out to cause a lifetime pain or discomfort. The major oral diseases are periodontal (gum) diseases, dental caries (tooth decay), cleft lip and palate, oral cancer and tooth erosion. Do not be surprised that oral health diseases can also lead to death if not properly taken care of. The Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 estimated that oral diseases affect close to 3.5 billion of the global population, with dental caries being the most common.

In most underdeveloped localities where oral hygiene is not considered, there are lots of people whose poor oral health results to a lifetime burden and therefore makes them loose confidence in their mouth. To therefore reduce oral health conditions, more focus should be on the prevention of these diseases to avoid invasive dental treatments.

Your teeth are a major part of your body and it requires special attention. The world health organization advices that you should visit your dentist twice in a year for a dental checkup.

A healthy mouth would produce a healthy life. It also allows for free flow of happiness from within, a confident smile and laughter.

The following are two steps to take in other to achieve a proud mouth:

  1. Adopt a Good Oral Hygiene Practice.

To prevent tartar buildup in the teeth, choosing the perfect toothbrush and brushing twice daily can help to remove the plaque between the teeth before it becomes stiffened. Brushing twice will get rid of microorganisms that would have resulted in bad breath. It can also make your teeth whiter. You should also consider using a good toothpaste. Even after regular brushing of the teeth, there is still a chance of food particles hanging in the corners of your teeth. Therefore, you also need to floss regularly.

  1. Visit The Dentist.

A regular visit to the dentist would help to prevent most oral diseases. Just like you would go to your doctor for a routine medical checkup, it is expedient to regularly have your dentist to check your mouth. Prevention they say is better than cure.

As we celebrate World Oral Health today, note the importance of maintaining a good oral hygiene.

Here at Divine Dental Home, we would give you a quality service that would help you to be always proud of your mouth. We have brilliant doctors working with outstanding modern tools to make sure you have a perfect oral health.

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